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Proton . 2018 MYR 99,800 
BMW 3 class. 2010 MYR 73,000 
Hyundai i10. 2011 MYR 18,000 
BMW 3 class. 1999 MYR 25,000 
BMW 3 class. 2009 MYR 77,880 


1. What is the maximum file size for a car image (when posting ad)?

- Due to the anticipation for large number of ads, we have limited the maximum file size per image to 2mb.
- This is so that the performance of the website will be optimum for users.
- You may use the Online Resize Image feature to resize your photos. Try [PicResize.com] or [ResizeYourImage.com]

2. I have uploaded my car image when posting my ad but it did not appear after the ad is published. Why?

- Most probably it is due to your car image size exceeded 2mb.
- The image format is not correct. (Only jpeg and png files allow)
- The dimension of your image is too small (Minimum dimension is 200px-width and 100px-height)
- The dimension of your image is too big (Maximum dimension is 900px-width and 600px-height)

3. I want to post an ad, but some of the "Vehicle Information" i want to post is not available (eg. car model or make or other infos)

- Login to your account.
- On the top menu or navigation bar you will see a "Contact Us" menu.
- Click on this menu to fill in the contact form and tell us your request or enquiry.
- We will look into your request or enquiry.

4. As a registered user, how long will my ad runs before it expires?

- Each ad will be given 90 days period before expiring.
- Upon expiry, you will need to repost the ad again.

5. As a registered user, why is my car ad not automatically published after i submitted it?

- Car ad submitted by registered user need to be approved by the Website Administrator before it can be published.
- Website Administrator will have the right to approve or reject the ad submitted.